Linedock 13 audit: thin docking station for 13in MacBook Star and Air

Would it be advisable for me to purchase the Linedock 13?

The Linedock is an incredible looking docking station that you’ll scarcely see as it sits underneath your MacBook. It fits directly in with the Apple stylish and includes nine ports including three USB-A, HDMI, and an SD card peruser.

Linedock 13 full audit

The Linedock is a docking station for MacBooks that sits underneath the Macintosh PC, including 9 ports, a battery and up to 1TB of inward stockpiling.

The Dock is the thing that you can consider the “top picks” segment on your Macintosh. It stores the entirety of the applications, documents, and envelopes you consider to be the most significant for snappy access. It additionally briefly holds applications, documents and organizers that are as of now open, so you can get to them with a single tick, rather than filtering through the entirety of your open windows and projects.

It doesn’t appear as though most docking stations in that you place the MacBook on top, where you’ll scarcely see it.

Its plan is directly out of the Apple structure studio. It would seem that the slimmest MacBook you’ve at any point seen. It is simply 0.9cm (0.35 inches) in tallness. Different estimations follow the 13in MacBooks. It weighs 912g (2 lbs) so is convenient enough for movement.

It’s accessible just in Space Dark, so no Silver or other Apple shading.

Your MacBook can associate with the Linedock utilizing a little U-molded connector to one of the side USB-C ports, so no requirement for a winding link.

Sitting underneath the PC, it spares you 100% of the work area space some other dock takes up.

Right now, it’s accessible for simply 13in MacBook Ace and Air, however, the organization is promising a rendition for the 16in MacBook Genius later on.

Linedock highlights

USB-C association with PC (5Gbps) with up to 60W charging

Two USB-C ports (5Gbps) each with 30W charging

Three USB-A ports (5Gbps)

HDMI port – 4K at 60Hz

Smaller than usual DisplayPort – 4K at 60Hz

SD Card peruser

20,000mAh battery

Inner capacity (up to 1TB)

100W max capacity to dock – requires divider charger

It’s anything but difficult to interface an outer presentation to the dock and in this way your PC by means of either the HDMI or Smaller than usual DisplayPort. You could likewise include a showcase utilizing one of the USB-C ports.

The Linedock can just help one outside showcase, be that as it may.

Smaller than expected DP appears to be an old association with incorporate, and we’d have favored a Gigabit Ethernet port for wired Web association rather, which you jump on most other docking stations.


What the Linedock offers that you won’t find in most different docks is a worked in battery that can charge your MacBook when it’s away from a divider charger. You can charge both the Linedock and your MacBook simultaneously as the complete force input is 100W. The 13in MacBooks require 61W.

The additional wattage likewise implies you can at the same time charge different gadgets by means of the other USB ports.

The Linedock bolsters something many refer to as Saiyan Mode, which offers quicker PC charging. Be that as it may, if there should be an occurrence of over-warming, you can’t utilize this when the MacBook is on the Linedock, which appears to invalidate the point of the dock by one way or another. You additionally need to charge through a different USB-C link as opposed to the little connector.

Another extraordinary element are the coordinated stockpiling choices. At the purpose of procurement, you can purchase 256GB or 1TB of implicit SSD stockpiling. You can likewise decide not to include any, and afterward utilize the SD Card peruser to include increasingly adaptable and versatile capacity at whatever point you need it.

The utilization of 5Gbps USB-C rather than 40Gbps Thunderclap 3 (utilized by most MacBooks since 2016) implies the PC associates at much-decreased data transmission. Alongside the absence of Ethernet, this will stumble the Linedock for proficient use.

Linedock cost

Linedock doesn’t simply seem as though an Apple item, it’s estimated like one, as well.

The base model with no inner SSD costs $349. With a 256GB SSD, it’s $449. Furthermore, with 1TB SSD, the cost is $699.

Transportation to the UK costs an extra $10, and you have to add on 20% charges – another $80/$100/$149 altogether for UK purchasers (so no SSD: £350; 256GB, £440; 1TB, £680.

That makes it the most costly docking station we’ve tried, however recall that you are getting a 20,000mAh PC power bank and possibly some quick strong state stockpiling in the one bundle.

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The Linedock is an incredible looking docking station that you’ll scarcely see as it sits underneath your MacBook. It fits directly in with the Apple stylish, and includes nine ports including three USB-A, HDMI and a SD Card peruser.

It isn’t modest, however it will spare you work area space, and those additional ports come in extremely helpful – in spite of the fact that the absence of a Gigabit Ethernet port is a pity, and USB-C rather than Thunderclap 3 restricts the MacBook’s liberal transmission capacity.

The inherent battery and SSD are remarkable highlights that may well entice you to disregard the significant expense contrasted with other docking stations.

In case you’re searching for a USB-C center point for your outer peripherals, an outside hard drive, and a battery pack for your 13-inch MacBook Professional or 2018 MacBook Air, at that point you ought to think about the Linedock 13″. It’s particularly good with the 13-inch contributions from Mac because of the plan and tasteful, be that as it may, some have gotten it to work with Windows workstations also. While it appears to be expensive, you ought to likewise consider the way that it consolidates three items into one single gadget for your benefit.

The individuals who have a 15-inch MacBook Ace and need a Linedock will, lamentably, need to hold up a piece. The 15-inch variant is still underway, however you can pursue the shortlist and be advised once it’s accessible